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Path Module

The Path Module isn't strictly a React JS term, but it's a built-in module within Node.js, a JavaScript runtime often used alongside React. This module doesn't relate directly to React but is widely used during the development process when working with file paths.

The Path module provides utilities for working with file and directory paths. It's a way to interact with the file system and can be utilized for tasks such as reading file paths, creating directories, or finding a file's extension. No installation is required, it can be directly imported into any Node.js module using the 'require' function.

Here's an example of a code snippet using the Path module:

const path = require('path');

// Normalize a path
// would log: '/foo/bar'

// Join multiple paths together
console.log(path.join('/foo', 'bar', 'bat/..'));
// would log: '/foo/bar'

// Resolve a path into an absolute path
console.log(path.resolve('foo/bar', '../bat'));
// would log an absolute path ending with '/foo/bat'

// Get file extension
// would log: '.html'
In this snippet, four methods of the Path module are used: normalize() to fix inconsistencies in a file path, join() to combine parts of a file path together, resolve() to turn a relative path into an absolute path, and extname() to get a file's extension.

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