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React Select

React Select is a flexible and customizable Select Input control for ReactJS with multiselect, autocomplete and ajax support. This allows developers to create more user-friendly forms that need select or dropdown functionality, enhancing UX.

React select differs from the traditional select input because it gives a wide variety of additional features and capabilities. It can handle not just simple static data but also complex, group, and multi-level data. It also supports truly customizable rendering and can handle almost all sorts of needs you might have with a selection input.

To use React Select in your React.js application, you first need to install it using npm or yarn:

npm install react-select
// or
yarn add react-select

After installation, you can import and use React Select in the required components.

import Select from 'react-select';

const options = [
{ value: 'chocolate', label: 'Chocolate' },
{ value: 'strawberry', label: 'Strawberry' },
{ value: 'vanilla', label: 'Vanilla' }

class App extends React.Component {
state = {
selectedOption: null,

handleChange = (selectedOption) => {
this.setState({ selectedOption });
console.log(`Option selected:`, selectedOption);

render() {
const { selectedOption } = this.state;

return (
In this example, App component is having a react-select control rendered. 'options' is an array of objects where each object has a 'value' and a 'label'. 'handleChange' function is event handler for the select control which sets the selectedOption in the state.

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