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In the context of React JS, reflect does not have any specific meaning. Reflect is a global object in JavaScript that provides methods for interceptible JavaScript operations. The methods are the same as those of proxy handlers.

Rather, you might have mistaken it for "ref" in React, which is a special attribute that can be attached to any component. The "ref" attribute can be an object created by React.createRef() function or a callback function, or a string (in legacy API). When the "ref" attribute is a callback function, the function receives the underlying DOM element or class instance (depending on the type of element) as its argument.

Here is an example of using ref in a React component:

class MyComponent extends React.Component {
myRef = React.createRef();

render() {
return <div ref={this.myRef} />;

In this example, this.myRef is a reference to the DOM node of the div that we can use within our component. For example, we can use it to directly interact with the DOM node, like applying focus to the node, reading input values, etc.

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